Our products are “nonbioaccumulative” meaning they do not buildup and accumulate over time. They are primarily industrial-based chemicals that are lighter than water (water weighs 8.35 lbs./gal and a gallon has roughly 1600mls). Therefore, it is important to make sure a surface is completely dry before applying a sealer or coating, otherwise it will float on top of the moisture contained in the substrate and will not seal/coat.

Our coatings are highly heat tolerant and resistant to UV light and the effects of free radicals.

When considering a surface protective program and return on investment (ROI), an important consideration should be De Sitter’s Law of 5s. De Sitter, a German engineer during the industrial revolution proposed that deferring routine maintenance is more expensive in the long run. De Sitter proposed that deferred maintenance is 5X more expensive with each additional deferred-maintenance-caused issue. For example, if it costs $5.00 to make recommended repairs to a structure and the repairs are deferred, the nest time the problem arises it will cost $25 to make those recommended repairs. If again, the recommended repairs are deferred the cost then increases to $125 to make the replacement. Thus, preventive maintenance is cost effective in the long run.

Overall, the economic reality of using Nano Layer Technologies’ line of products to enhance a substrate is a great way to save money, and the cost of using our system of surface protection should be calculated using cost/square foot. Because our coatings are applied in one thin layer, it’s important to remember when applying coatings, “Thin to win and less is best!”

The products we distribute have a history of effectively protecting at risk surfaces. They have been tested against products of global manufacturers and found to provide superior protection and performance as compared to others. Our products are unique in that the science behind our nano SiO2 particles are mixed with solutions that are different from other nano coatings and sealers and are environmentally friendly with 100 g/L of VOCs, are highly UV resistant, and last longer than most organically generated coatings and sealers. After head to head testing with nationally recognized manufacturers, our products were found to be superior and are now being used in well-known industries and large, commonly recognized corporations and governments such as:

  • A famous bridge and the associated plaza in California were painted and coated with our products. In the same California city, a well-recognized stadium is being coated, and a recognized music venue uses our coatings on the floors.
  • Another professional sports stadium in Canada is using our coatings.
  • A global company with entertainment parks, hotels, and major television studios uses our coatings in all of their parks for benches, walkways, and costumes as well as floors and commissaries.
  • World-recognized hotels in Las Vegas are using our products to enhance and protect surfaces exposed to sun, wind, and high guest use and traffic.
  • A regionally managed hotel chain in Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona have specified our products for protecting and enhancing the appearance of out door furniture.
  • Other industries using our nano layer sealers and coatings include marinas and businesses providing hull protection, malls, universities, and specialty clothing manufacturers.

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