Uses and Applications

There are a wide range of possible applications for these products, which offer industrial level performance in a multitude of environments. Advantages range from prolonging the useful life and performance of large scale concrete and steel constructions, to glass and fabric surfaces around the home.

These products have been used to protect concrete surfaces in all manner of environments, including: marinas, footings for bridges, piers, outdoor concrete furniture and paving; also on unpainted and painted steel, such as boat hulls, automotive finishes, steel siding, galvanized steel infrastructure projects, and more.

Application to glass results in improved performance of smart phone screens, as well as residential, marine and automotive windows, making them, in one application, water repellent, scratch resistant and easier to clean.

They offer an alternative, non-toxic, anti-fouling treatment for watercraft and dock areas, resisting underwater marine growth of all kinds. This is achieved by presenting an impervious surface to organic materials and shellfish, preventing them from attaching, which otherwise would be an ongoing problem.

In a very similar way, out Graffiti Coat makes it hard (or impossible) for unwanted paint and marker tags to adhere to all manner of surfaces. In many cases, graffiti can be removed by simply hosing down affected areas. Or, if necessary, with acetone which will dissolve almost all conventional paints and dyes, but will not affect the chemistry of our products. This is why all our products offer some level of anti-graffiti type protection.

In kitchens, domestic and commercial, all manner of surfaces from counters, furniture and floors, can be rendered stain, acid, UV, heat and scratch resistant; making cleaning and maintenance easier and cheaper, while improving hygiene.

We offer products for vinyl and concrete floors, plastic laminates, glass and wood surfaces, all of which become easier to clean, more hygienic, and resist stains and acid.

We offer sealers for fabric and vinyl upholstery, whether indoor and outdoor, including awnings, and garden furniture and automobiles. All our products offer improved UV protection.

Our products are used to protect all kinds of painted surfaces, such as highway signs, automotive finishes, powder coatings and historic buildings.

Historic buildings are a special case; our Sealers and Coatings are effective in preserving wood and steel structures without altering their outward appearances, while at the same time vastly improving longevity by diminishing damaging effects of the sun, oxidation and the elements.. Painted wood surfaces and concrete are both sealed to humidity and water, and yet at the same time, allowed to breath a unique property of this level of coating chemistry.

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