Coval is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of these new and surprising Coatings and Sealers. By combining advanced covalent bonding and nanoparticles of quartz, they have developed applications with properties and uses not previously imaginable. The covalent bonding works on the molecular level, meaning that coatings actually become physically inseparable from the materials and surfaces to which they are applied. Combine this with incredibly small particles of quartz (nanoparticles), and it is possible to develop unusually hard and impervious coatings.


See Coval’s demonstration video, showing Rick taking a handheld power drill to the screen of an iPhone, that has been coated with our Glass Coat, as an example of the extraordinary possibilities offered by these coatings.

Due to the super bonding properties and the quartz nanoparticles in our products, they exhibit extraordinary resistance to all kinds of scratches and abrasions — while sloughing off liquids, stains


“Our products offer an unparalleled range of uses and advantages — from industrial to domestic, from kitchen counters to oil rigs — and underwater marine applications.“


Coatings and Sealers

The Coatings are either solvent based or catalyzed two part products and are available in gloss, satin or matte finish. The Coatings for metal, concrete, wood, stone and circuitry – including the anti-graffiti and marine coatings – are non-breathable, waterproof coatings. Coval Coatings all have less than 100g/L VOCs, meet high air-quality standards, and contain no known carcinogens. These Coatings and Sealers are surprisingly economical, due to high coverage rates. See our coverage estimates in the product specification pages.

The Sealers are water based and can be used on almost any surface, such as concrete, wood, natural stone, painted surfaces, tiles and fabric — providing a breathable, stain, chemical, UV, and water-repellent surface. By absorbing directly into surfaces, they are almost invisible, making them especially effective in uses like historical restoration, and protecting all kinds of outdoor equipment. Coval Sealers have very low to zero VOCs and contain no known carcinogens. The Sealers are also tintable. (See this video showing tinted Sealer being applied to concrete and tile.)

Coval products will bond to almost any surface

This is especially true for the Sealers however, for best performance, it is important that surfaces are clean and sound before any application. For this reason, we offer a range of special purpose Cleaners and surface preparation products, to be used in conjunction with our Sealers and Coatings.

Super hard coatings that resist chemicals, scratches, and abrasions to a level not previously available

The quartz content and molecular bonding enable the production of extraordinarily hard coatings that resist scratches and abrasions to unprecedented levels. This includes resistance to extreme heat, acid, water, humidity, stains, and strong chemicals and solvents.

Chemical and acid proofing or resistance, in a wide variety of applications, including anti-graffiti coating

These products are especially useful in commercial and domestic kitchens, as sealers and coatings for floors, counters, and walls; also painted and unpainted wood, steel, concrete, glass, vinyl and fabric. All our products act as a protection from graffiti, making removal much easier.

Heat and cold proofing of previously painted surfaces

Our products can be applied over existing applications, such as powder coatings, pre-finished flooring and siding, making surfaces more stable, UV resistant, and durable; and in many cases improving appearance.

Hydrophobic coatings for glass, automotive and other, until now, uncoatable surfaces

The ultra dense adhesion and sealing of these products makes them so impermeable that water, instead of sitting on a wet surface, is actually repelled. The most remarkable example is our Glass Coat see our demo video.

Super adhesion and bonding to all manner of substrates and surfaces.

Molecular, covalent bonding means that our Coatings or Sealers actually become fused with surfaces, allowing for super thin, almost invisible applications. The Sealers in particular are extremely adaptable, and can be applied to almost any surface, from painted or unpainted wood to concrete, steel, fabric and vinyl.

Super stain-blocking protection for painted and unpainted wood, steel, stone and concrete surfaces; also fabric and vinyl upholstery and furniture

The super bonding and incredibly small particles in these products allows for stain blocking to a level usually difficult to achieve. This offers improved performance in a diverse range of uses, such as historical restoration, commercial kitchens, and preservation of natural stone and concrete surfaces. All our products offer improved graffiti protection.

Anti-fouling for marine and freshwater applications, from steel and plastic hulls to concrete piers and pilings

This is one of the more specialized applications of these products. Superior to other alternatives, our products have the advantage of being eco-freindly and nontoxic, and unusually effective. See these photos of zebra clams in Ohio.

Concrete and Stone Sealers for indoor and outdoor use are tintable and durable, prolonging usability and appearance

Our products can reduce the need for regular waxing and cleaning on interior floors and other surfaces. And in a similar way, make outside installations humidity, stain and water resistant; while reducing maintenance and prolonging their life. This is a huge benefit in large scale industrial installations, such as pilings, bridges and harbor walls. One easily applied coat is often all that is required.

Glass protection and hydrophobic coating

These Coatings are effective for both automotive windshields and smartphone screens. Easily applied and maintained, these Coatings offer super thin, invisible protection from dirt, salt and abrasion; changing the whole concept of glass maintenance.

Rustproofing, and the protection of painted and unpainted steel surfaces

Coval products are excellent stain-blockers and can be used very effectively on rust stained surfaces, painted or unpainted. As with any coating or sealer, any loose material, rusted or otherwise, should be removed and the surface stabilized before application. All our products are very hard and impervious to humidity and moisture, offering long lasting and reliable rust protection.

Graffiti proofing and protection

All Coval products offer improved graffiti protection over conventional alternatives, since they are impervious to strong cleaners and solvents, such as off-the-shelf graffiti-removers and acetone. Very often, when using our products, unsightly marks and spray paint can be removed with only a pressure washer, since the extremely compact molecular subsurface inhibits graffiti from bonding.
Use our especially formulated Anti-Graffiti Coat for ‘high exposure’ surfaces.

Water resistance and proofing for a variety of applications

Coval Coatings, for metal, concrete, wood, stone and circuitry — as well as its anti-graffiti and marine coatings — are non-breathable, waterproof coatings.

Coval Sealers, which can be used on almost any substrate — concrete, wood, stone, tile and fabric — are both breathable, and stain and water repellent.

Depending on the desired results, either set of products could be appropriate in a particular application. For historic building restoration, for instance, the Sealers, which are both water repellent and breathable, offer the best of both worlds. Whereas, for metal constructions and installations, the non-breathable Coatings will offer improved performance, durability and appearance.

See our product videos and demonstrations – here.

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