Concrete Coat Over Epoxy

Epoxy paint has been one of the most durable coatings for concrete, going back years.  But that durability has been greatly improved.

Concrete Coat, with its component nano sized quartz particles that molecularly bind to a substrate, enhance the durability of epoxy paint many times.  Quartz is hard, harder than granite, impervious to water and oil, and highly acid and scratch resistant.  While I can describe the characteristics of Concrete Coat, it’s a little more difficult to describe how well it holds up under challenging conditions, so I thought a few pictures might help.

Earlier in September I was given a tour of an airplane hangar at an air base southwest of Abilene, Texas.  The hangar has two large bays to accommodate large cargo planes, C130J’s, that weigh over 75,000 lbs. empty.  In addition to the weight, the engines have oil and there’s also hydraulic fluid, which is quite nasty, that can leak onto the floor.  As tough as epoxy paint might be, it didn’t stand up to the use for more than 2 ½ years.  The grey epoxy was replaced about 2 ½ years ago (the building is 5 years old) and then protected with Concrete Coat.

The perimeter was painted with black/yellow stripes, called tug lines, which needed protection.  They were covered 5 years ago.  In addition to the conditions the grey area is exposed to, the tug lines are below the steel rafters where birds like to perch and unload cargo of their own.

The striped area was done 5 years ago.  The grey area 2 ½ years ago.  Both look like they were done recently.  This is also the area where birds routinely unload their cargo.

This is the area directly below an engine, where oil and hydraulic fluid can damage the floor.  There is no damage to be seen.  There is some dirt, etc., but that is expected and easily cleaned with a Zamboni-like device.

Wider angle shot of the bay floor after 2 ½ years.  It won’t need re-painting anytime soon.

An additional concern with the epoxy painted floor was a lack of traction when wet.  Micro sized glass beads can be added to increase the friction co-efficient.

I think you’ll agree, the pictures do a great job showing how well Concrete Coat over epoxy paint holds up under very demanding conditions.  If you’re concerned about the long- term performance of epoxy paint for your project, then you’ll want to consider applying Coval’s Concrete Coat from Nano Layer Technologies.

A few final points about Concrete Coat:

  • Available in Gloss and Satin
  • Graffiti resistant, spray paint and magic marker removed with Step 3 Graffiti remover
  • Highly protective from water, oil, acids
  • Highly scratch resistant – averaged 39.11 on Taber Abraser test
  • Simplifies and shortens cleaning time
  • Under 100 VOC’s
  • UV resistant

Interested?  Send us an email through our web site, and be sure to describe your application.  We’ll work out the details with you.

Hugh Canelli


Nano Layer Technologies

5 October, 2017 / By- Nano Layer

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