Defeat Graffiti

It’s bad enough when signs get “tagged” with graffiti.  The sign’s appearance is diminished, and often the graffiti is a word or message that is chosen to get a reaction.  The sign owner has no choice except to try and remove the graffiti, which often damages the sign paint as well as removing the graffiti.  That can result in a very costly sign replacement.

Ideally, there would be a protective coating that would:

-be easy to apply

-not change the sign’s appearance

-be resistant to water, oil and UV

-allow graffiti to be removed using an environmentally safe cleaner and little physical effort.

Those characteristics, and a few more, are all found in Coval’s Anti-Graffiti Coating, which is specifically formulated for signs.

Coval’s Anti-Graffiti Coating, distributed by Nano Layer Technologies, is a quartz application that is optically clear and molecularly bonded to the sign.

When Anti-Graffiti Coating quartz is applied to a sign, rather than a polymer or silicon based product, the sign is protected by an application that:

-shields the paint on the sign from the graffiti paint

-adheres to the substrate without damaging it

-is non-sacrificial when removing graffiti

-improves scratch resistance (quartz is harder than granite)

-is hydrophobic (water resistant), oleophobic (oil resistant) and UV resistant

-is environmentally safe (fewer than 100 g/L VOCs)

-is cleaned with Coval’s Step 3 Graffiti Remover, a mild cleaner

The spray paint and magic marker were removed from the area protected by Coval’s Anti-Graffiti Coat, and removed with Step 3 Graffiti Remover, but the sign paint was not damagedAnd because it is a coating of quartz that has molecularly bonded to the substrate, the coating was not damaged, either.  It’s still there, protecting the sign for years to come.

Save yourself the time, money and effort dealing with graffiti.  Call us at Nano Layer Technologies about your particular application.  I am very confident we have a solution for you.

Hugh Canelli


Nano Layer Technologies, LLC

817 225 4900

17 December, 2017 / By- Nano Layer

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