Coval Anti-Graffiti Coat

Coval Anti-Graffiti Coat may be used to apply a non-porous, super hard, chemical resistant coating, to almost any surface as a protection from spray paint, marker pens, and other unwanted products. Once the Anti-Graffiti Coat is dry and hard, it will be unaffected by chemicals, solvents and cleaners. Once protected – graffiti, spray paint etc., will have difficulty bonding with surfaces, due to the super hard surface formed by the nanotechnology, which creates a covalent and ionic bond with the substrate, and itself. Graffiti of all kinds becomes easy to remove; sometimes, with only soap and water. (We recommend using Coval Graffiti Remover).

This is a non-sacrificial protection system. (The coating is unaffected by solvents or cleaners, and is not removed with the graffiti.)


We recommend applying the coating with a HVLP (high-volume-low-pressure) spray system. (1.0 size tip @ 25 to 30 psi.) Prepare surfaces with Coval Step#1 Cleaner as per instructions. Surfaces should be clean, dry and free of dust or wax, prior to application of Anti-Graffiti coat. Mask off all areas not to be painted. For porous surfaces, first apply one coat of Coval Quick Seal & Enhance to build up the surface.

Caution: A professional spray mask should be used with this product; as well as eye protection, rubber gloves and coveralls.

Note: In some cases it may be necessary to apply Anti-Graffiti coat with brushes or rollers; carefully test materials and surface before proceeding, as many surfaces and plastics may temporarily soften when in contact with Anti-Graffiti Coat. Clean up with acetone while the product is still soft.

When applying the coating outdoors, it is important to avoid humidity and rain while the coat is drying. (Allow 5 hours minimum)

Note: As Anti-Graffiti Coat dries almost completely transparent, it can be difficult to detect areas that are not properly covered, even during application. Care should be taken to methodically cover full sections and surfaces.


To remove graffiti, after the Anti-Graffiti Coat has been applied, use Coval Step #3 Graffiti Remover as per instructions, then rinse with fresh water. Avoid using abrasives, which should be unnecessary. For surfaces that are uneven, work the cleaner into cracks and pot marks with a new, soft, hair brush.

Coval Anti-Graffiti Coat - Specifications

Uses Surface protectionSurface protection  
Suitable surfaces All (See exceptions) Exceptions: Some plastics may soften on application–make a test before full application. Note: Not for use on HDPP or smooth HDPE surfaces.
Applications One coat is normally sufficient,(0.5mm-1.0mm wet coat) For porous surfaces:: prep with one coat of Coval Quick Seal & Enhance
Solvent based YES  
Water based NO  
Flammable YES  
Voc"s less than 100 g/L
Coverage (this is a one coat product) 600-1200 sq ft/gal (non-porous surfaces) 200-400 sq ft/gal (porous surfaces)
Clean-up While soft: Acetone. When hard: none
Dry time All Coval Molecular Coatings are dry to the touch in 2-3 hours. Full cure 7 days.
Application Method Spray (HVLP) High density roller may be used with caution. (see instructions)
Other relevant Coval products Coval Graffiti Remover Coval Quick Seal & Enhance
Sheen Gloss
Porosity Non-breathable
Flash point Flash Point: (C Penskey Martens closed Cup) -9C/15F VOC: less than 100 g/L
Ambient temp and humidity limits 45° F to 105° F working limit. Safe Relative Humidity: 90% or less

WARNING: Always use appropriate protection when using Coval products; including appropriate respirator,safety goggles, butyl-rubber gloves and coveralls; also, mask off or cover, all adjacent areas.

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