Coval Auto Revitalizer

Coval Auto Revitalizer is a very thin molecular clear quartz coating, using nano-sized particles designed to penetrate into the surface of rubber tire sidewalls, hoses, shock absorber covers, plastic or vinyl dashboards and trim, to restore the original luster and color that has been damaged by UV exposure. Suitable for use on interior and exterior surfaces, Coval Auto Revitalizer provides a UV resistant coating.

Note: Badly faded surfaces may lack sufficient pigments to be completely restored to their original color.

Note: Always test Coval products in a inconspicuous area, before full application.


Surfaces must be clean and free of dust, dirt and oil. Use Coval Step #3 Safe Clean, as directed, to prepare surfaces. Mask off all areas not to be coated. Only use this product in a well ventilated area. Stir product thoroughly before and during application. Fold, a lint-free commercial-grade paper towel, into a pad shaped applicator, and apply a thin coat to all surfaces. Replace the lid, as soon as possible, to reduce unnecessary evaporation. Clean up while soft with acetone.

Note: It is important to protect surface from water or rain for at least 5 hours after application.
Caution: A professional spray mask should be used with this product, as well as eye protection, rubber gloves, and coveralls.


On interior surfaces, wipe off with a soft, damp towel. On exterior surfaces, hose off with a light spray. And wipe dry.
Re-coat every 6 to 12 months as required.

Coval Auto Revitalizer - Specifications

Uses Brings back to life oxidized plastic, metal, rubber trim, tires, hoses, bumpers, dash- boards and more.Surface protection  
Suitable surfaces
Applications Wipe on with a soft, commercial grade, paper towel
Solvent based YES  
Water based NO  
Flammable YES  
Voc"s 20 g/l VOCs
Coverage (this is a one coat product) 800-1000 sq. ft. per gallon
Clean-up While soft: Acetone. When hard: none
Dry time Touch: 1 1/2 to as much as 2-4 hours Full Cure: 7 Days Note: It is important to protect surface from water or rain for at least 5 hours after application.
Application Method
Other relevant Coval products Coval Step #3 Safe Clean
Sheen n/a
Porosity Non-breathable
Flash point
Ambient temp and humidity limits 45° F to 105° F working limit. Safe Relative Humidity: 90% or less

WARNING: Always use appropriate protection when using Coval products; including appropriate respirator,safety goggles, butyl-rubber gloves and coveralls; also, mask off or cover, all adjacent areas.

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