Coval Glass Coat

Coval Glass Coat, is a highly durable, invisible sealer, and protective coating system that creates a molecular bond to all glass and ceramic surfaces. After application, surfaces will be more water repellent, scratch and stain resistant, and attract less dirt and dust; making them easier to clean and maintain. As with all Coval products, Glass Coat will also improve graffiti resistance.

Coval Glass coat is a three step system, consisting of:
1. Coval Glass Coat H2O Hydrophobic – Step 1, as a base coat
2. Coval Glass Coat H2O Hydrophilic – Step 2, for added protection
3. Coval Glass Conditioner – Step 3, to maintain protected surface.


Clean surfaces thoroughly with screwed up newspaper and rubbing alcohol, the news paper will act as a very fine abrasive and ‘open’ the surface slightly, allowing a better bond. Fold a wad of lint free professional paper- towel into a pad – moisten fully, but do not saturate with Coval Glass Coat H2O Hydrophobic. Rub in a thin coat with a circular motion, making sure to cover the whole surface. Before the product dries (15 or 20 seconds), remove excess product with a clean micro fiber cloth. Repeat the process with Coval Glass Coat H2O Hydrophilic, but do not wipe off excess, simply let it dry. Repeat again with Coval Glass Conditioner, again do not wipe off excess, allow to dry (approx 5 min).

In normal circumstances applications will last several months and can be re-applied, without stripping previous applications, as necessary.

Note: It is recommended to test this product in a discrete area before full application.Important: Do not apply in full sunlight or if the air temp is above 75° F.
Important: Shake and stir fully, before and during application, to ensure complete suspension of nanoparticles.

Coval Glass Coat - Specifications

Uses Surface protection and enhancment. Repels water, dust and dirt. Resists water and chemical stains.Surface protection  
Suitable surfaces All glass and ceramic surfaces.
Applications This is a three part system: 1. Coval Glass Coat H2O Hydrophobic. 2. Coval Glass Coat H2O Hydrophilic. 3. Coval Glass Conditioner
Solvent based NO  
Water based YES  
Flammable NO  
Voc"s Zero
Coverage 800-1000 sq ft./gal This is a three part system.
Clean-up While soft: Water.
Dry time 5 min, (or less) per coat.
Application Method Lint-free paper applicator
Other relevant Coval products This is a three part systems. (See above)
Sheen Gloss or Semi-Gloss
Porosity Non-breathable
Flash point
Ambient temp and humidity limits 45° F to 105° F working limit. Safe Relative Humidity: 90% or less

WARNING: Always use appropriate protection when using Coval products; including appropriate respirator,safety goggles, butyl-rubber gloves and coveralls; also, mask off or cover, all adjacent areas.

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