Coval Stone Coat

Coval Stone Coat is a long-lasting protective coating for calcium-based masonry materials, such as marble, limestone, travertine, onyx and cement-based man-made conglomerates. Stone Coat is ideal for stone floors, walls, and countertops, in domestic or commercial locations, and is available in Satin or Gloss finish. The nanotechnology used in Coval Stone Coat creates a covalent and ionic bond to surfaces that are extremely hard and protective; resisting stains from water, food or beverages. (Vinegar should be removed as soon as possible or within one hour.)


Coval Stone Coat is a two-part (A-B), catalyzed product. Mix equal parts in a clean container. Before application, surfaces must be clean, dry, and free of previous sealers or coatings. Remove all oil, dust, grease, dirt, and other foreign material using: Coval Step #1 Cleaner for unpainted surfaces – Rinse with fresh
clean water and dry. Mask off areas not to be painted.
Stir product well before use, and also during application. For best results apply with an HVLP (high-volume-low-pressure) spray system using a 1.4 tip at approximately 25 psi. Stone Coat may also be applied with an ultra-smooth, high-density roller. Normal applications will require two coats, wet on tack, 10- 15 minutes apart. Apply full wet coats (4.0 – 5.0 mils). Clean up immediately with acetone, while the material is soft.

Important: Shake and stir fully, before and during application, to ensure complete suspension of nanoparticles.

Caution: A professional spray mask should be used with this product, as well as eye protection, rubber gloves, and coveralls.

Important: After Stone Coat has been applied, do not use the surface for three days, keeping all liquids and objects off of the surface. On days 4 through 7, light use is allowed, but continue to keep all liquids off of the surface. Liquids may penetrate the surface if the coating is not completely cured, which can cause blistering.


For good maintenance, use Coval Step #3 Safe Clean, with warm water and a soft cloth or sponge. Always wipe up spills and standing water as soon as possible to properly care for the coating. Although Stone Coat is scratch resistant, it is not scratch-proof. Do not use abrasive cleansers or abrasive scouring pads. Paint can be removed with acetone without damaging the coating. Stone Coat does not require any additional waxing or protection.

Coval Stone Coat - Specifications

Uses Seals and protects calcium based stone and cement based products from stain and dirt.Surface protection  
Suitable surfaces Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Onyx, and man-made cement based conglomerates.
Applications Requires two coats (4.0 - 5.0 mils wet coat) Two coats, wet on tack, 10- 15 minutes apart.
Solvent based YES  
Water based NO  
Flammable YES  
Voc"s Under 100 VOCs
Coverage 300 - 400 sq ft/gal. Requires two coats
Clean-up While soft: Acetone. When hard: none
Dry time All Coval Molecular Coatings are dry to the touch in 2-3 hours. Full cure 7 days. Note: It is important to protect surface from water or rain for at least 5 hours after application
Application Method Spray (HVLP) or ultra-smooth high density roller.
Other relevant Coval products Coval Step#1 Cleaner Coval Step #3 Safe Clean
Sheen Gloss or Satin
Porosity Non-breathable
Flash point
Ambient temp and humidity limits 45° F to 105° F working limit. Safe Relative Humidity: 90% or less

WARNING: Always use appropriate protection when using Coval products; including appropriate respirator,safety goggles, butyl-rubber gloves and coveralls; also, mask off or cover, all adjacent areas.

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